The Billable Hour Is Useless. Lengthy Stay The Billable Hour.

Time is money billable hours

The billable hour has been the bane of attorneys’ existence for a very long time. Even once I entered the trade 20 years in the past, the billable hour was ‘lifeless.’ Properly, it’s not lifeless. It’s at all times the best way companies are going to make their cash.

— Michelle Fivel, a associate at Main, Lindsey & Africa who labored at a number of Biglaw companies earlier than turning into a recruiter, tells the trade’s reckoning with the billable hour is a very long time coming. Fivel additionally famous the impression this dependency has on equality, “You’re solely pretty much as good because the variety of hours you’ve billed. That ties individuals to the career in methods the place males have greater than ladies. I’d prefer to see the enjoying area leveled for ladies. I simply don’t suppose it’s. And I believe that so long as the billable hour is king, it’ll at all times be unlevel.”

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